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Montreal Olympic Stadium

The Montreal Winter Conference is a championship competition held in Montreal, Canada, in January every year since 1983.

Only certified Pokémon Trainers who have acquired at least eight registered Gym Badges may enter the competition. Ideally, there are around 128 competitors, with each sudden death Pokémon battle eventually eliminating all but one. Each losing Trainer is placed accordingly. The winner of the conference receives $5,000 and an Ice stone.


The competition lasts for seven rounds. Four preliminary rounds span for three days, followed by two days of rest, and then the final rounds begin. Rounds and their respective positions for each Trainer: Preliminary: Top 128, Top 64, Top 32. Final: Top 16, Top 8, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st.

Preliminary rounds

In the preliminary rounds, 128 Trainers must compete on three different battlefields: Rock, Water and Ice. All matches are of three Pokémon each. The battlefield is decided by a game of chance, and the competitors are chosen randomly by computer. Only Trainers who win on all three battlefields will progress to the final rounds.

Final rounds

Final round battles take place in the Olympic Stadium. All battles are Full Battles, with the exception of the fifth round, which is the last round that uses three Pokémon each. Only 16 Trainers make it to the final rounds. Competitors are chosen by fishing for Magikarp labelled with a letter and number that match that of another competitor.

Rules and regulations

The following conditions cause the Pokémon to lose the battle:

  • The Trainer recalls the Pokémon
  • The Pokémon is unable to continue battling
  • The Pokémon falls asleep
  • The Pokémon refuses to battle

Known contestants

Trainer Year Place Registered team
Neve Baldinotti 2007 Winner Arctic Vulpix, Weavile, Dartrix, Sableye, Miltank, Lopunny